connecting from Windows 2000 to samba 2.0.7

Urban Widmark urban at
Sun Oct 1 10:43:51 GMT 2000

On Sat, 30 Sep 2000, Patricia Max wrote:

> In  order to connect I had to regedt and change the machine to send
> unencrypted passwords.  I really do not want to do this.  I prefer
> to send encrypted passwords even if the network is very difficult to
> get to from the outside.

We use something like this to have a NT4 PDC authenticate users to our
samba fileserver, using encrypted passwords. This has worked just fine for
both NT4 and win2k.

	security = domain
	password server = pdc
	encrypt passwords = yes

The samba box needs to be a member of the domain and I think you need to
have users on the samba box matching those in the domain.
(see docs/textdocs/DOMAIN_MEMBER.txt)

It's probably possible to avoid creating the users on the samba box by
using something clever (pam_smb ?) but we don't do that, instead each user
is created twice.

Note that samba 2.0.7 is trying to be a NT4 (things won't work if you
treat it as a win2k).

> If anyone has some information on how I can set this up, I'd appreciate
> it.  I do not belong to the list so please email directly to pam at

Maybe you should join. All sorts of things of interest to someone running
samba pop up here. But perhaps you browse the archives instead.


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