Bug in smbclient

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at monkeys.com
Sun Oct 1 03:32:10 GMT 2000

OK.  I think I'm starting to figure out how to use smbclient, but
now I've run into a really annoying non-feature.

I'd like to alert some of these folks that have been infected wih
the Qaz virus that they are infected.  I thought that this could
be a simple matter, *if* they were opening sharing their C: drives.

I found at least a couple of infected hosts that are indeed sharing
C:, so I used smbclient to attach to one of them.

Now I need to get this guy's e-mail address, so that I can mail him
a message, telling him he's infected with Qaz.

I think that I fugured out where his e-mail address might be stashed
on his disk drive.  It looks like he's got Netscape installed, and so
I surmize that his e-mail address is probably stashed in some preferences
file, somewhere in the vicinity of:

     C:\Program Files\Netscape\Communicator\

I'd like to go snooping around in that directory, and see if I could
find it, but there's a problem... smbclient doesn't seem to grasp the
fact that nowadays, filenames on Windows can contain spaces.  Thus, I
can't even `cd' into the `Program Files' directory!  Humph.

Have any of you got a fix for this?

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