Samba Connection over a ISDN Phone Line

Jochen Roedenbeck roe at
Thu Nov 30 14:13:31 GMT 2000

I have two ethernet networks at different places, connected together
over a ISDN phone line. The line is configured in a way that it is
opened if there are IP packets to be sent, and it is closed if there 
is no traffic for some time.

I have a Samba server in one of the networks, and a Windows PC in the
other one. The PC is used to connect to the Samba server. All this 
works fine.

Now my problem: If the PC is up, UDP packets are sent from the PC
to the server on port 137 every ten minutes (exactly), even if 
there are no actual connections between the PC and the server. This
is a problem to me, because these packets cause the phone line to 
be opened and closed every ten minutes, too.

What can I do?

I assume, these UDP packets are some "keep alive" packets to show
the WINS server, that the PC is still working. Is there any proxy,
I can put between the WINS server and the PC to reduce traffic?

Or are there any other possibilties to give the PC access to the
Samba server besides using the WINS server capabilities of Samba?

Thank you for help.


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