Mapping Samba shares from WinNT/Win2k

Derek R. Pizzagoni derekp at
Thu Nov 30 18:12:08 GMT 2000

I am running Samba 2.0.4 on a Solaris 2.6 box.  Everything appears to be
working OK, except for mapping samba shares from WinNT/Win2k.

Some users map shares, and tell them to map every time they log on.
Then, once they log off, and log back on, it tries to restore the
connection (map) the share.  The problem is, it always gives an
"Incorrect password" prompt, and asks for the password (even if they
logged in with the same password).  Once they re-enter the same
password, it maps fine.

This does not happen with the Win9x folks.

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance, for any help you can provide.

Derek Pizzagoni
I.T. Manager
SBE, Inc.

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