Problems with IRIX 6.5 and Samba

sim simeonuj at
Thu Nov 30 16:58:02 GMT 2000

I have a Origin 200 server with samba 2.0.7 ( I think it's 2.0.7 but I know
it is at least 2.0.x ) loaded from sgi's freeware site.  This server is also
our macintosh server.
   When copying windows .dll files the files are corrupted somewhere in the
process.  If they are copied to the server and then copied back to ANY
windows machine they are corrupted.  The .dll files are the only thing that
seems to be effected.  It does not matter what machine it is copied from.
If the files are packaged in a zip file or some other archive and unpackaged
on the server they are corrupted.  If they are copied to a different machine
and then unpackaged they work fine.  I have some ideas about this but
nothing seems to work.
   More inportant is that some of the clients are having problems saving
files to the server.  If this client opens a file and edits it and then
saves the file it gives the client a permissions error.  But if it is saved
onto the clients machine and then copied to the server it works fine.  The
client is running Windows 2000.  Also the file and the folder it is in is
owned by the client or the clients group with read/write permissions.  Any

Any help is appreciated.


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