Windows 98 + domain logons

Svein Roar Nilsen svein-roar.nilsen at
Thu Nov 30 15:54:02 GMT 2000

> > [...]
> > "ESTER#00" 976094526 46R
> > "ESTER#03" 976094526 46R
> > "ESTER#20" 976094526 46R
> > "FJELLTUN#00" 976094526 c4R
> > "FJELLTUN#1b" 976094526 44R
> > "FJELLTUN#1c" 976094526 c4R
> > "FJELLTUN#1e" 976094526 c4R
> ...

> > (ESTER is our samba server. FJELLTUN is the workgroup
> > and domain she belongs to.
> Is this a snapshot of wins.dat when you are having problems?

I'm sorry, no. I have no such snapshot available. 

But once I had these problems, I powered down all PC's, stopped Samba, deleted
all files from /var/lock/samba/, restarted samba and switched on one single PC,
and saw that it registered itself and it's workgroup correctly as soon as it
started and that ESTER and FJELLTUN also appeared as they should. (At least it
looked very correct. Three lines for the PC (#00, #03, #20) and two lines for
the workgroup (#00 and #1e, I think). 

So, what it looks like for me, is that the samba server and the PC communicate
very well, except when trying to log on. Then it seems to me that Samba chooses
the wrong method of getting the name of the PC (Gethostbyaddr failed for ...),
and the logon is aborted. (If I understand the log entry correctly, it is Samba
which fails to get the name for the PC and not vice verca?)

But if I get the time during the weekend, I will repeat that experiment with one
single PC and a higher log level and tell you what I see!

> Cheers, jerry


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