can't print

Oscar Jimenez ojimenez at
Wed Nov 29 18:45:22 GMT 2000

Hi to everybody.

I'm a new user of Samba, and I have installed it in a AIX machine.
I've configured to the SHARE mode.
I can explore the file systems in a Windows NT4.0 with no problems, but
I can't print. When I try, I get this message:

...that in english is:
Can't connect whith the printer
Please enter user&password...

Any suggestion???
thanx in advance.........

-- Òscar Jimenez

P.D. here you have the smb.conf

           workgroup = tirori
           netbios name = IMP
           server string = Print Server
           security = SHARE
           update encrypted = Yes
           log file = /var/samba/log/log.%m
           max log size = 50
           dns proxy = No
           guest account = userx
           hosts allow =

           comment = Temporary file space
           path = /tmp
           writeable = Yes
           guest ok = Yes

           path = /tmp
           guest ok = Yes
           printable = Yes
           print command = lpr -r -Ppserver %s
           lpq command = lpq -Ppserver
           lprm command = lprm -Ppserver %j

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