Problems with Samba 2.07 on Solaris 2.7

Vail, Chris cvail at
Wed Nov 29 16:00:41 GMT 2000

I'm trying to install Samba 2.07 on a Sun Ultra 10 running Solaris 2.7, with

the gcc 2.8.1 C compiler.  I'm not having a lot of success.  I'd like to
it --with-smbwrapper, --with-krb5, --with-ldap,  and --with-ssl, but none of
these work.
                  The initial command "configure --with-smbwrapper" runs
fine.  But the 
                  make command errors with:
Compiling smbwrapper/wrapped.c with -fpic
                 smbwrapper/wrapped.c:466: conflicting types for `utimes'
                 /usr/include/sys/time.h:327: previous declaration of
                 *** Error code 1
                 make: Fatal error: Command failed for target
When I run configure with this flag set, I get this error:
                checking whether to use LDAP password database... yes
                configure: error: LDAP password database not supported in
this version.

Is this a problem with Samba itself, or is there an update needed to
the documentation?
--with-krb5 and --with-ssl
These two have identical errors.  The configure script runs flawlessly until
very end, and then gives:
                  checking if large file support can be enabled
                  checking configure summary
                  configure: error: summary failure. Aborting config

However, running "configure --with-utmp" ran fine all the 
way through the installation process.  I'm working on my smb.conf 
file now.
Do I need to go back to version 2.05?  I'd like to get all these
features up and running.  
Thanks for your time

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