Windows 98 + domain logons

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Wed Nov 29 15:02:57 GMT 2000

Svein Roar Nilsen wrote:
> Am I doing something wrong by not registering our 
> workstations with a DNS?

No.  You are fine.  You just become a little more dependent
on NetBIOS name resolution.

> When our PC's are configured via DHCP to use our caching 
> only DNS, will they start looking up machines on our 
> local network using DNS and forget everything about 
> WINS and broadcast?

depends entirely on how you configure your PC's.  Are 
you assigning the IP address of your WINS server via DHCP 
as well?

> became really anoying at about the same time as we 
> got our internet connection and the PC's were configured 
> to use a DNS...

At that time, did you change /etc/resolv.conf on the 
Samba server?

Cheers, jerry
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