Invisible Folder!..

Urban Widmark urban at
Tue Nov 28 18:51:05 GMT 2000

On Fri, 24 Nov 2000, Luis Ludovico wrote:

> Hi!


No need to send that many times it usually takes a while for your reply to
show up on the list (archive, copy back to you, someone to read it, etc).

> I mounted in my workstation's tree a shared folder that belongs to an NT
> Server.

When you say mounted I assume you mean smbmount or mount -t smbfs, in
other words you are using smbfs. If you are not then this does not apply.

> When I create a new folder in the server from my workstation I can't see it
> through the "ls" command until about 1 minute after, even though I can
> change to the directory and copy files to it.
> Does anybody have any idea about what's happening?

Hmm, smbfs caches things. It believes it has a valid view of how the world
looks and may choose not to ask the server again when you do an ls. One
minute sounds a bit much, though.

What kernel version are you using. Some version (I forget which right now,
possibly 2.2.17) had problems with the cache, it expected a value on the
server to change but it didn't (modification time on the parent dir).

Try upgrading to 2.2.18-pre22 or wait for 2.2.18 to be released.


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