Samba permissions

Luis Luis at
Tue Nov 28 18:04:23 GMT 2000

Hello I'm new to the samba news group. I was wondering if anyone out there
could help me understand what I'm doing wrong. I download the latest version
of samba from their homepage. I installed it on red hat 7.0

well I go the swat to work perfect, know what i'm having trouble is sharing
a folder.

I created couple of folders that I need for the office. When someone trys to
open then folders from win's 98 machine threw network neigherhood, it ask
for password. when they enter the password that I assigned to them , it does
not work. so can you let me know what i'm doing wrong. below is my smb.conf
file that i created. I'm sorry if its wrong but i just followed examples.

ooo ya , i made sure that the user name and password are correct in my linux
box .

one more thing when i tryed to run smbpasswd i get this error

$ smbpasswd system
I enter a new password and retype it to make sure but then it this error i
"Failed to find entry for user system"
"Failed to modify password entry for user system"

But when i check in the linux userconf the user is there.

so anyone has any idea what the hell I'm doing wrong

------------------------- SMB.CONF----------------------

    workgroup = cs
    netbios name = Linux_Server
    server string =    Linux_Server
    security = SHARE

    comment = HR Dept
    path = /main/human_resources
    writeable = Yes
    valid users = hourtrack
    create mode = 750

-------------------------- End -=-------------------------------

Thank you for the help


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