non repetitive internal error for samba 2.0.7-3 (nmbd)

franck-ladurelle franck-ladurelle at
Mon Nov 27 23:13:26 GMT 2000

Hello !

My server boot up at 21:30 on Nov 27 (debian 2.2 kernel 2.4.0test11)

bigserver has 2 nics 3Com 509B & PCnet/PCI
the 2 clients in the log are and (only theses two
clients were up when the error appened and during the tests) => Win98SE => Linux debian 2.2

samba's daemons are not started from inetd
debian package samba- 2.0.7-3 (stable)

21:32:35 first boot message in log
21:32:58 an internal error occured in nmbd which i only see long later.

it was the first time i get an error with samba. no configuration change
were made on the server before i get the error.

i discovered the error because i couldn't see my server from clients. in
fact the process nmbd was dead. There was no core file.
the logfile user.log seem to be truncated: only the hostname and date are
presents in it.

i restarted samba with "/etc/init.d/samba stop; /etc/init.d/samba start". It
worked. I restarted with server, samba is still working. i don't understand

i include my logs in hope it will help you and I'll tell you if such an
error occure one more time.
the error message is in kernel.log
i also include my smb.conf file


Franck Ladurelle.
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