smbd stopped working with RedHat 7.0

Bob Kline bkline at
Sun Nov 26 17:25:07 GMT 2000

I've been running Samba without any problems on a RedHat system through
several versions of RedHat, up to and including RedHat 6.2.  After the
upgrade to RedHat 7.0, which left all other services intact (as far as I
can tell) smbd no longer works.

The initial symptom was the failure of smbclient to connect to the SMB
server; the socket read was timing out, indicating that the server
wasn't running.

One difference introduced by RedHat 7.0 is the replacement of inetd with
xinetd, and I noticed that the conf files don't have as much information
as the old /etc/inetd.conf did (specifically, the lines for datagrams
didn't get translated).  So I removed all of the SMB stuff from xinetd
control (commented out the netbios-* lines in /etc/services and renamed
the netbios-* files in xinetd.d to hide them from xinetd) and tried
starting smbd by hand.  This failed with the following error message in

 bind failed on port 139 socket_addr= (Address already in use)

How do I find out who's already listening on port 139?  Any other clues
would be gratefully appreciated.  Many thanks!

Bob Kline
mailto:bkline at

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