broadcast and users

Mike Egglestone Mike_Egglestone at
Sat Nov 25 20:52:51 GMT 2000

Hi ...
2 questions:
(samba with with win9x clients)

First, is there a way to broadcast a simple message to anyone logged in to
the samba server.....
for example....
"The technician is going out for beers and the sever will be shut down in
10 minutes"

Second,  I haven't tried using "swat" yet... and I have added just a
handful of users.... but what if I need to add hundreds of users....(no NT
or Novell anywhere)
Is there some type of import utility..or script that can be run to quickly
add a bunch of users and their passwords or something...
Also I suck at if there's programming involved...I'm
probably better off spending a weekend typing the accounts in by hand....


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