Problem with SWAT

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Sat Nov 25 03:27:15 GMT 2000

Brian Williams wrote:
> I have some questions about SWAT.
> (1) Is there a home page for the project?

No.  It is included with the context of the Samba project.

> (2) Where is there documentation?

Umm.... :-)

> (3) Why does the password page have two
> sets of forms?

Local and remote (i.e. Windows NT PDC) changes.
It is basically a wrapper for smbpasswd.

> (4) On the password page, you can "add users"
> but you can't list the users.  That doesn't
> make any sense at all.  How do you know if
> someone added the user already?

Good question.  Perhaps a "view account details" button
that queries on a username?  Would you like to add this? ;-)

Cheers, jerry
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