long filenames

Lynn Danielson Lynn.Danielson at clue.denver.co.us
Sat Nov 25 01:05:26 GMT 2000

In samba digest, Vol 1 #199, Message 10, Dieter Speck <d.speck at gmx.net> wrote:
> One windows machine is also used with linux, a few folders on a FAT 16
> partition should be shared all the time regardless of the OS running. Under
> linux, the partition is mounted through fstab and shared with samba.
> However, other machines get dos-stylish short filen~1 only.

Check which filetype you are using to mount your FAT 16 partition --
the third field in your fstab file.  If you want long filename support
you need to mount it as vfat -- not msdos.

Lynn Danielson

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