HELP !!! Write caching on SAMBA - how to disable?

Robert Schott rschott at
Fri Nov 24 13:01:11 GMT 2000

Is there an option to disable *write-caches* (if something like this is
available with SAMBA - I am no expert - but any experts should be watching
this list, too?) or to disable other features that may disturb concurrent
file access.

We have the problem that one DOS application running on Windows clients
corrupts one shared file under pretty predictable circumstances but not

We are using Kernel 2.2.14 and Samba 2.0.6 (the compiled one comming along
with SuSE 6.4). I'm attaching our smb.conf - maybe any expert has a look on
and says - ahhh! we had this before..

So, any help is higly appreciated, here

best regards

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