SWAT authentication probs..

Munn, Stuart (EDS) munns at bp.com
Fri Nov 24 09:53:13 GMT 2000


I've just installed samba Samba 2.2.0alpha0 on my redhat Linix 6.2 system.

I am having problems with swat.  When I try and access it via a browser from
another system  I get a window up asking for username and
password... However whatever username/password I use ( I am using the
correct password!!) I get bounced... I have set up the services and
inetd.conf ok I am sure, well as far as SWAT is concerned, I've tried adding
the -a option to allow any login to SWAT to have root privs.

Is there some LINUX security thing going on here? I am familiar with Solaris
and HP/UX new to LINUX...

Any help appreciated...


Stuart Munn
Angus IT (Scotland) Ltd.
s.munn at angus-it.com

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