Getting NT and Win95 roaming profiles to store in the same place.

Bryan Feir bryan at
Wed Nov 22 20:38:57 GMT 2000

> Is there a way to get NT and 95 roaming profiles to store in the same
> directory other than a subdirectory under the home share?
> The NT stations work correctly with the roaming profiles stored in the
> logon home location.  95 seems to only be able to store under the home
> share, or a subdirectory under the home share.  If I change the logon home
> to the same path as the logon path, it obviously screws up the home share
> in 95 (net use /home maps to /samba rather than /home/username)
> smb.conf
>        logon drive = M:
>        logon path = \\%L\profiles\%U
>        logon home = \\%L\%U\profile
> [netlogon]
>         comment = The domain logon service
>         path = /samba
>         public = no
>         browseable = no
> [profiles]
>         comment = User Profiles
>         path = /samba/profiles
>         create mode = 0600
>         directory mode = 0700
>         writable = yes
>         browsable = no

   Hmmm.  What we do here, instead, is have the 'logon path' set up in the
profiles share the same way you do, but then set up the home shares as

        comment = Home Directory: %U
        path = %H
        read only = No

This sets up a separate 'share' for each valid username, which that user
can then connect to.  It means that the logon scripts have to manually
add the share separately for each user, as each user gets a differently-
named share, but it works for us.  I'll admit that we're not currently
running NT, only 95, but in the one test operation where we installed NT
it stored the profile information in the same location, in the profiles
area.  (A test that it took a while to recover from, as one person managed
to overwrite their profile with the default WinNT one.)

   It's true that 'net use /home' still maps to the profiles share instead
of the actual home directory in this setup, so we just simply don't use it.

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