samba on linux clusters

Tomek Jarosinski tomek at
Wed Nov 22 10:37:12 GMT 2000

jonathan bright wrote:
> hi.
> i saw your post to the samba list.
> did you learn anything about running samba on a cluster?
> thanks,
> jon bright
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> jonathan bright
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Yes, i learned something.
1. So called "open source" project Linux Failsafe from SGI is
interesting. In the documentation you will find information that
Failsafe agents for Samba and NFS exists. In the reality they do not
exist yet. When i was asking Failsafe developpers about it, i didn't get
any CLEAR answer. It seems that Failsafe for Linux will be free, but if
you want to use it you have to buy software agents for Samba and NFS at

2. has different software you can use and create Linux
Cluster. For Samba the best choice is probably Heartbeat + some home
made scripts for your configuration. We are setting now one Linux
Cluster using Heartbeat, when it will be running, i will inform you.

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