Browse Master Question

LARSmith LARSmith at StebbinsEng.Com
Tue Nov 21 20:02:30 GMT 2000

In different documentation, I have found instructions to configure smb.conf
to show

Browse Master = Yes

I have done so and similarly, I have configured W98 to have BM disabled.

After doing so, my PC could not "see" any other work groups nor the SMB

I changed the BM disabled back to Automatic and VOILA, all my work groups.

When I changed the smb.conf file to change Master = Yes back to NO, BAM, now
I can see the SMB Server again in NetWork Neighborhood.

I'd like to learn how IMPORTANT this Browse Master is to effectively
offering an SMB Server to W98 end users.

Talk to me.

I'm all ears !!

Respectfully ( if not anxiously ) submitted,
Allan Smith

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