Samba and NT (Logon without giving password again) HELP!

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Tue Nov 21 13:33:59 GMT 2000

Hallo Roland,
I just make a guess here, but typically when you are asked for 
a password at every net use (that is, when you actually try to 
access a resource on a server), it means that the password for the user is
either wrong, or was not cached by the client initially.
I've never heard of this NDS client for WinNT, but I suggest that 
understanding how it works may be where you want to focus your efforts.  You
can get a better idea of what is happening (ie if the 
password or username, etc is being rejected 1st time by samba) by
turning on log level = 10  and log file = /usr/local/samba/var/log.%m
in your smb.conf file, and looking for the username that your user is
sending, and checking for problems or retries in the log file.
Sorry, perhaps someone else on the list knows about the NDS client and can
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Is there any People speaks german?
I'm having a serios problem width samba 2.0.6.
It's configured as security = user, and encrypt passwords = no.
The NT4-Workstations have a servicepack 5 installed and the 
registry-patch for plaintextpasswords added.

I have samba configured to authenticate to a NDS Corporate 
edition-server witch is running under RedHat 6.2.

The NDS Client on the Workstations is creating a dynamic local 
user-account whe a User logis into the NDS. Everytime, when the 
loginscript is running, the "net use"-Command asks me again for a Password.
On Win9x-Machines is no problem with this.

Can somebody help me? I'm really distraught.

Roland Kaeser

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