Broken pipe me too... HEEELP please

Gilles SIMON gilsim at
Tue Nov 21 09:52:10 GMT 2000


I have exactly same problem.
My config is Linux Mandrake 7.1, upgraded kernel to 2.2.17.
I use Samba 2.0.7, and the shares are on ReiserFS partitions.

I had to completely disable all locking :-( , because files where not
unlocked, and in log.smbd I found messages like you said.
I still have problem when copying files (as you), when running programs
(they reside on a share), an on login (sometimes have to retry a login).
Those problems range from freezing the application programup to needing
reboot the client machine (Win98).

Very annoying, impossible to work reliably with Word or Excel.
I used Samba 2.0.6 on UnixWare2 without any of these problems. I
transferred the server, using same smb.conf, and I use the same DNS
config (left on the ancient server).

Has somebody any clues ? I am in the dark. Never seen this in 5 year of
Samba use.

Thank for help

Gilles SIMON

Bauhaus <bauhaus at> wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I've set up a Samba server. It works as a backup server for win98 and
> NT
> 4.0 Workstation.
> I can copy files from Win to Samba. But sometimes I can not copy them
> back.
> It concerns mainly bigger files (aprox. 50 MB or more). In the log
> file
> I find:
> [2000/11/20 10:40:13, 1] smbd/service.c:make_connection(550)
>   ballantines ( connect to service Exchange as user
> ballantines (uid=502, gid=500) (pid 22742)
> [2000/11/20 12:50:45, 0] lib/util_sock.c:write_data(508)
>   write_data: write failure. Error = Broken pipe
> [2000/11/20 12:50:45, 0] lib/util_sock.c:read_socket_data(477)
>   read_socket_data: recv failure for 4. Error = Connection reset by
> peer
> [2000/11/20 12:50:45, 1] smbd/service.c:close_cnum(583)
>   ballantines ( closed connection to service Exchange
> What's going on? I have no idea. What do these errors mean at all?
> Thx for any answer
> Przemek

Gilles SIMON
gilsim at

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