Printing from Linux to a Win95 Printer

User STEVEH steve hearn steveh at
Tue Nov 21 07:59:08 GMT 2000

I'm a Samba newbie - file sharing is working great.
Can someone clarify something for me re printing.

I'm running samba on a linux box and would like to
be able to print to a Xerox printer hanging off a
Win 95 Client. I've read the relevant bit of
'Using Samba' (O'Reilly). There's one thing 
I'm not too clear on.

Question is do I need  to install a Xerox print
driver on my linux box, or can the linux box 
effectively use the Xerox driver already 
on the Win95 PC.

That is does samba feed the file to be printed
straight to the printer - or via the PC's
Xerox driver?

Any suggestions, or pointers to docs, much appreciated 



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