Samba and NT (Logon without giving password again) HELP!

Roland Kaeser roland.kaeser at
Mon Nov 20 23:59:56 GMT 2000


Is there any People speaks german?
I'm having a serios problem width samba 2.0.6.
It's configured as security = user, and encrypt passwords = no.
The NT4-Workstations have a servicepack 5 installed and the 
registry-patch for plaintextpasswords added.

I have samba configured to authenticate to a NDS Corporate 
edition-server witch is running under RedHat 6.2.

The NDS Client on the Workstations is creating a dynamic local 
user-account whe a User logis into the NDS. Everytime, when the 
loginscript is running, the "net use"-Command asks me again for a Password.
On Win9x-Machines is no problem with this.

Can somebody help me? I'm really distraught.

Roland Kaeser

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