Samba 2.0.7 -- with quota enable (repost)

Vic Hsu vuleky at
Sun Nov 19 17:24:37 GMT 2000

I have compiled Samba 2.0.7 with quota enabled and installed it on my FreeBSD 4.1-stable box. I found a strange situation. Everyone on my BSD box has quota limitation (e.g. 10M), if some one copy a file which size is bigger than 10M (e.g. 30M) from win 2k client to my BSD server via Samba, he will get a 'disk full' message. But after he clicks 'OK', the file will still appear on my server with 30M file size. In fact, this file is corrupt -- the first 10M is correct, but rest 20M is clear to zero. Does anyone encounter the problem? Is this a normal situation? 

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