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Sun Nov 19 22:35:12 GMT 2000

Is this any help?

Q. How can I stop Windows Explorer from changing the case of my 

A. By default, Explorer changes the case of your filenames so that a 
file you name c:\iLikeTOTypeTHiS appears as c:\Iliketotypethis. 
Microsoft calls this PrettyPath, and you can disable it by performing 
the following steps:
   1. Start regedit.exe.
   2. Go to 
   3. Double-click DontPrettyPath (or create this key with a type of 
REG_DWORD if it doesn't exist).
   4. Set the value to 1 to keep the case as you type it or 0 to adjust 
the case as Explorer requires.
   5. Click OK.
   6. Close regedit.
   7. Restart the machine.

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