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Martin Sapsed m.sapsed at bangor.ac.uk
Sun Nov 19 20:10:02 GMT 2000

Mike Egglestone wrote:
> another one for you....
> I would like to be able to boot off my workstation with a floppy and
> connect up to the samba server.....
> ( for purposes off blasting images into a lab)
> I imagine I need the nic driver... some kind of Dos MS client....but do I
> need to do anything to samba?

3 possibilities:

1. some kind of Dos MS client (I have some old instructions stored at
http://www.bangor.ac.uk/is/iss081 - NT 4 can do it too) but you lose
long file names.

2. some kind of lightweight linux distrib which fits on a floppy
including either smbfs, nfs or rsync.

3. full linux distrib on a server and a kernel on a boot disk/bootROM
which mounts the root over NFS then runs rdist or rsync

We do 3...



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