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Harondel J. Sibble help at
Sat Nov 18 01:35:40 GMT 2000

Was having some problems with a public shared folder shared by samba to bunch 
of windows clients.  The requirement was that each person had read, write and 
edit access to any file in the share. After a bit of monkeying around I found 
I had to do the following to get this to work. 

Add create mask = 2775 

to the share section, and chmod -R 2775 shared-directory.  This allows each 
person to edit any file on the share. This is good, is there an easier way to 
pull this off?  The directory in question is owned by root and the group that 
includes all the relevant users. 

So is there a better way to do this? It seems to be working out fine. They 
wanted to mount their ACT! database on the server so that everyone could work 
off of it. 

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