File Sharing

Dieter Speck d.speck at
Sat Nov 18 00:25:48 GMT 2000

I have a network with one Linux machine and samba 2.0.7 as well as two 
windows 98 machines.

We use one hard disk on the Linux machine to share important project files. 
Often we create new directories and here is the problem:

The one creating the directory has full access (of course) but the other 
has not!

I put create mode 777 but that is not done.

The folder is /home/tmp but it is shared as a separate share as follows:

    comment = tmp
    path = /home/tmp
    read only = no
    locking = no
    create mode = 777
    force create mode = 777
    write list = root, ulrich, dieter

What is wrong? The same happens for shares outside of /home.

Thanks in advance for any help,


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