Trouble with SAMBA on Multihomed server

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Hello Lemonnier,
I investigated something similar to this for our ServiceGuard
implementation of Samba that might shed some light on your 
But I'm not sure there is really anything you can do to 
keep ALL traffic on the hme0 network; samba AND the pc's
depend very heavily on broadcast traffic to get their work
done, and since the broadcast address for both cards is the 
same, I don't see any way to isolate it to a single card.
Anyway, here's what was going on in my case:

PROBLEM: When setting up Samba as a package in Service Guard, I have found 
that the IP address that it is registering its Netbios Names on is NOT the 
RELOCATABLE IP address configured in the package, but instead the LANIC ip 
address assigned to the interface card. I can see this by making a 
connection from my pc to this netbios name, and then checking the pc netbios

name cache from the pc command prompt using: 

   nbtstat -c 

When I force a package failure, and Samba comes up on the alternate node, I 
get the same behavior - ie, now samba is broadcasting it's netbios names on 
the LANIC ip address of my alternate node, instead of the RELOCATABLE ip 
address that I had in the package. 
My configuration: 

   LANIC IP(primary node) = 
   LANIC IP(secondary node) = 

CAUSE: Samba has code that checks to make sure that it DOESN'T 
try to broadcast or claim it's NETBIOS names in the same subnet 
with two different IP addresses. This is critical, since a Netbios 
name claim will fail if that name has already been claimed on a 
different IP address in the same subnet. So in our case, what is 
happening is that when Samba builds its list of interfaces, the 
LANIC interface with its (or 73, depending on primary or 
alternate node) is the first in the list, and the RELOCATABLE IP is the 
second in the list. It processes them in order, and discards the second 
RELOCATABLE ip address as being a 'duplicate' on that subnet. 
Result - Samba broadcasts it's netbios names on the LANIC ip address only, 
and when a package failover occurs, the ip address that the netbios names 
are associated with CHANGE... This could cause unpredictable behavior with 
clients who have cached the ip address in their local netbios name tables. 

RESOLUTION: You can use the smb.conf parameters "interfaces=" and "bind 
only interfaces = yes" to force Samba to broadcast on the Relocatable IP 
address rather than a LANIC ip address on the same subnet. For instance, in 
our case, the smb.conf file would need to have the following lines on the 
primary and alternate nodes: 

interfaces = 
bind only interfaces = yes 

This would ensure that SAMBA registers it's netbios names to the relocatable

ip address on the Primary OR Alternate 
ServiceGuard node, and therefore would be consistent in a failover 

NOTE: if you do this, and have OTHER LANIC ip interfaces on DIFFERENT 
subnets, this will prevent SAMBA from servicing smb requests on those other 
ip addresses. To cure this, make sure you add ALL the interfaces that you 
want SAMBA to service requests from in the "interfaces = " configuration 
option. As an example, if our primary and alternate nodes had an ADDITIONAL 
lan card on a different subnet: 

LANIC(1) = 
LANIC(2) = 

LANIC(1) = 
LANIC(2) = 

Then to ensure that SAMBA services requests from both the '15.44.48' and the

'15.44.10' subnets on both machines, you would need to have the following 
entries in your smb.conf files on the Primary and Alternate nodes: 

interfaces = 
bind only interfaces = yes 

interfaces = 
bind only interfaces = yes 

More information about these smb.conf options can be found in the "Using 
Samba" book in the section "Networking Options with Samba" 
starting on page 101. 

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Hi all,

I experience some trouble trying to tune the Samba v2.0.7 configuration on a
SUN Enterprise450 server running Solaris 2.6.
This server is somewhat peculiar in that it has multiple network interfaces
on the SAME network:
{nestor}~>/sbin/ifconfig -au
lo0: flags=849<UP,LOOPBACK,RUNNING,MULTICAST> mtu 8232
        inet netmask ff000000 
        inet netmask fffff800 broadcast
        inet netmask fffff800 broadcast

{nestor}~>netstat -r

Routing Table:
  Destination           Gateway           Flags  Ref   Use   Interface
-------------------- -------------------- ----- ----- ------ ---------         nestor                U        3 642678  pf0         nestor2               U        2      0  hme0           biche                 UG       0  22159  
BASE-ADDRESS.MCAST.NET nestor                U        3      0  pf0
default              cisco-rennes          UG       0  16873  
localhost            localhost             UH       0 629974  lo0

The E450 acts mainly as a corporate NFS server to a bunch of workgroup
servers tied with an FDDI infrastructure.
The pf0 interface happens to be the main interface to the FDDI. The FDDI is
also connected to a corporate switch serving a few hundreds of Sun stations
& PCs.
The hme0 (fdx 100BT) is also tied to that switch.
You can notice both interfaces share the same network prefix & netmask
(multihomed server).
Running samba without any precaution works perfectly fine. SMB traffic flows
out from pf0 (primary interface & preferred route) thru FFDI to the switch
down to the PCs : perfect ;-)
However, for traffic handling , it would be far more efficient to force the
SMB traffic to hme0 so that NFS flows through the FDDI only, and SMB through
hme0 only.

Well, I have been playing around for some time with interfaces=hme0, bind
interfaces only=yes, socket address=... and so on, but could not force the
traffic to hme0 in any way.
I suspect interfaces=... and such certainly work perfectly when network
interfaces are on different subnets, but my case is different because these
are just two different paths to the same logical network.

Any guru out there to get me out of this trap ?


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