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Christian Bullow s339492 at
Fri Nov 17 10:01:42 GMT 2000

G'day I was wondering if you could help me, and if I have everything
I am new to samba and am trying a very steep learning curve.

I have two machines, Aries and Hermes in a college room at my univerisity.

Aries is a Windows 2000 proffessional box and has one 10/100 NIC on, which has a cross over to Hermes (Debian Linux - woody ,
2.4.0-test10) 10/100 NIC Aries uses Hermes as a NAT/IP Masq
box, of which Hermes has a second NIC configured to access at 10mb the
external network of which I am a member of through DHCP assigned IP's. At
this time, on the Union college subnet.

              External WINS server
              Wins server for
              203.15.33.* network and
              a few others.
UNION Workgroup      Debian (woody)            UNION Workgroup
Win9*/NT*/Linux      2.4 kernel test10         Win9*/NT*/Linux --....-- (eth0)    --....--
                     Windows 2000    --....-- Any other machines
                      I may wish to add

ok, well I have my internal 100mb network and gateway/firewall setup YAY!
All data going to and from aries, passes through hermes and the 1,30 and 254
machines are gateways and proxy's for the internet. The rest of the network
exists on the other ip's.

My internal network is running on 192.168.109.X and my external connection
is through hermes on at this time. Aaaanyway, for this cross
subnet browsing to occur, I need a master browser in my room with access to
the WINS server ( , again I nominate Hermes which can see both
subnets on 192.168.109.* and 203.15.33.*. How can I make Hermes and Aries
both members of the main network workgroup ie 'UNION' and hermes be a master
browser for the 192.168.109.X subnet only, and look towards the 203.15.33.X
master browser externally?

So Aries and Hermes are in Union workgroup at the moment, Hermes is not a
local master and not the prefered master, its os level is 0. It is talking
to the wins server ( which is run at Leo's college. The WINS
server combines for most people on the network non-NAT'ed the UNION,
DUCHESNE, LEO's, WOMANS, and another or two colleges internal networks.
Aries is also looking towards the wins server, through the NAT box. I should
atleast see those of the computers talking to the WINS server shouldn't I?

I am eeger to get this working, and its a interesting problem which I would
like to overcome. I see hermes as a educational tool and network design
issues such as this may come up in the future for my future career.

Can I have hermes and aries both in Union workgroup, both viewing and
viewable by the rest of the network even though aries, is infact on a
internal ip behind hermes acting as NAT box?

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