Safest way to mount NT Server share

Bill Parker dogbert at
Fri Nov 17 01:10:09 GMT 2000

Hi All,

	I run a Linux box with caldera Openlinux 2.3, 2.2.17 kernel (SMP),
and I have a very serious problem getting samba to work properly (despite
the fact I have it working just fine on a plain pent-133, and on that
machine it shows up in network neighborhood, and I can double click on
it, drag and drop files, etc).

	However, we are in the process of converting our application from
NT to linux, but I MUST have access to a NT Server share to make this
work (as it reads data from it), but when I have used smbmount with a
destination IP, it will let me mount the drive, BUT, after a while, I
get a smbfs-retry (error: -3) code, and I lose communication with the
NT Share, and when I try to shutdown the system i will either get hung
up during the process, or a kernel panic happens.

	I would like to be able to prove the ability of linux to run
large scale applications, but if I can't solve this problem, I will
be forced to continue running on windows.  Does ANYONE on here have
an idea as to how I can get this 2nd box to show up in network
neighborhood, and more importantly maintain communications with the
NT Server Share (which is VERY important)...

	Please help if you can...

-Bill Parker

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