Configurable list of swat administrators

Michael James michaelj at
Thu Nov 16 23:11:50 GMT 2000

I want to allow a list of users to authenticate as themselves
 and get write access to SWAT.
I know this gives them root, they already have it through sudo.

So I tried creating a group "swat"
 and sticking myself into it in /etc/group.
Then `chgrp swat smb.conf` and `chmod 664 smb.conf`
Telnet back in as myself and I can vi the file and save changes.

But SWAT still gives me bare read access,
 only when I chgrp smb.conf to my native group
 do I get the "Commit" button.

This much surfaced back in July
 but it's messy to demand that the sudoers all be native to the same group.
(It might be a good idea, but it's messy to get there from here.)

There is another piece of documented whierdness:
 if the file is writeable by group root, it is considered world writeable.

The piece of code within source/web/swat.c that controls this is:

static BOOL have_write_access = False;
static BOOL have_read_access = False;

and then after a lot of    if (has_write_access) { ...

        if (!file_exist(servicesf, NULL)) {
                have_read_access = True;
                have_write_access = True;
        } else {
                /* check if the authenticated user has write access - if not then
                   don't show write options */
                have_write_access = (access(servicesf,W_OK) == 0);

                /* if the user doesn't have read access to smb.conf then
                   don't let them view it */
                have_read_access = (access(servicesf,R_OK) == 0);

So "have_write_acess" is the token we need.

And we get it if (access(servicesf,W_OK) == 0)

Where is "access(servicesf,W_OK)" defined
 why doesn't it look at the groups list as well as gid
 and can it be easily changed to?

Thanks for any help with this,

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