Joe_Pfaltzgraff at Joe_Pfaltzgraff at
Thu Nov 16 20:36:57 GMT 2000

Joe Pfaltzgraff at PATAPSCO
11/16/2000 03:36 PM

> Samba 2.0.7 is pretty bad as a PDC internally.  Also I think
> you are confusing policy handles with file handles. File handles
> are allocated by your systems' kernel.  Policy handles are an data
> structure internal to smbd.

I do realize that samba is not that great as a PDC, I am looking forward to the
day that it is.  Since our current file servers are Novell, we don't have a PDC
setup, so that is why I chose to setup the samba as PDC, also I want the users
to be able to log in, have scripts run, and policies downloaded.

I guess I am a little confused.  We do have about a dozen NT Workstations on our
network, none of those users have valid samba accounts.  What RPC calls could
they be doing that would tie up all the policy handles?

> Could you send me your smb.conf?

  workgroup = Cheers
  server string = File Server
  preferred master = true
  netbios name = Sequoia
  domain logons = true
  domain master = true
  os level = 65
  deadtime = 120
  load printers = no
  encrypt passwords = true
  logon script = %U.bat

  available = no
  writeable = yes
  hide dot files = false
  veto files = /,*/
  map system = true
  map hidden = true
  create mask = 0777
  directory mask = 0777
  inherit permissions = true
  dos filetimes = true
  delete veto files = true

  copy = template
  available = yes
  path = /samba/logon/netlogon
  valid users = @everyone
  read only = yes
  write list = @it
  root preexec = /samba/logon/makelogonscript %U %m
  root postexec = rm /samba/logon/netlogon/%U.bat

  path = /samba/users/%u
  copy = template
  available = yes
  browseable = no
  valid users = %S

  path = /samba/groups/IT
  comment = IT Group
  copy = template
  available = yes
  valid users = @it

  path = /samba
  comment = Salvageable Files
  copy = template
  available = yes
  browseable = no
  veto files = //
  admin users = @it
  valid users = @it

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