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Herb Lewis herb at
Thu Nov 16 16:28:00 GMT 2000

The browsing and multiple subnet problems are not SAMBA problems.
Unfortunately they are part of the SMB protocol that SAMBA must
use. You will have the same problems trying to access a windows
server on a different subnet that you have trying to access a
SAMBA server if your clients are not configured properly and you
do not follow the browsing protocol requirements. SAMBA works fine
in multi-subnet configurations (we run it here at SGI with many
subnets). Check out the browsing.txt file and make sure you have
all the Microsoft protocol limitations covered before you start
blaming SAMBA for your problems.

TPsmith at wrote:
> and the networking and multiple subnet issues of using SAMBA continue.
> Steve and Charles, welcome to the wonderful world of SAMBA. What you need to
> do, to use SAMBA, is put your SAMBA on Unix box that is in walking distance
> of your win32 machines, on the same subnet, and never ever put the server on
> a different subnet or move it far from the users.  SAMBA is NOT an
> enterprise solution for file access, when going from a win32 box to a
> Unix/Linux SAMBA server.  It just doesn't Work!  I became a serious Unix
> administrator over the past year, I am of course, still learning ALOT, what
> I did learn, from trying to get SAMBA working, from Win32 boxes to
> SAMBA-Unix box, is forget it, unless the network is "flat" and/or you are
> right next to the server.
> Unix is great, but for having users, already on a Windows network, using
> windows clients, just use a WINDOWS server, when part of the server's
> function is file sharing.... I am tired of fight SAMBA, I am sure I am not
> the only one.
> tpaul

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