samba headaches

Glenn Burkhardt glenn at
Thu Nov 16 16:01:36 GMT 2000

> and the networking and multiple subnet issues of using SAMBA continue.
> Steve and Charles, welcome to the wonderful world of SAMBA. What you need to
> do, to use SAMBA, is put your SAMBA on Unix box that is in walking distance
> of your win32 machines, on the same subnet, and never ever put the server on
> a different subnet or move it far from the users.  SAMBA is NOT an
> enterprise solution for file access, when going from a win32 box to a
> Unix/Linux SAMBA server.  It just doesn't Work!  I became a serious Unix
> administrator over the past year, I am of course, still learning ALOT, what
> I did learn, from trying to get SAMBA working, from Win32 boxes to
> SAMBA-Unix box, is forget it, unless the network is "flat" and/or you are
> right next to the server.

Funny, I haven't had trouble with subnets after using the 'remote announce'
feature.  I didn't even need to modify LMHOSTS on the win98 boxes to have
them see the SAMBA server on a different subnet.

Sounds like a more careful reading of the documentation is in order. 

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