samba headaches

Steve Gonzales gonzo at
Thu Nov 16 14:29:15 GMT 2000

I have the same problem.  You could (grimace (-< ) copy your smb.conf to a
floppy and carry it to your email box.

I'd be interested in comparing smb.conf files.

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I have a slight problem with browsing a samba server.  I can see the server
(www) in network neighborhood but when I click on it to see the shares I get
that the network is busy or some such.  I get this error with ever win32
system on the network.  I don't have another linux box at the moment to test
with linux.  I would love to say that below you will find the samba config
but I have no access to the net from the linux box at the moment and can't
copy across the network. hehe.  Any ideas?


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