finger/rhosts type utility?

Mike Brodbelt m.brodbelt at
Thu Nov 16 13:47:32 GMT 2000

Iain Rae wrote:
> > doesn't    'smbstatus'   do this for you?
> >
> >
> yes and no, I want to have our print server send a winpopup if there is
> a problem with a print job when it hits the printer (wrong paper size
> etc) but only if the user is still logged on, otherwise someone else is
> going to get confused. Smbstatus seems to drop information about print
> shares around 10 minutes after the last print job has been made, it also
> shows people as using shares after they've logged out.

If you're looking for an NT user called fred, then:-

nmblookup -S "fred#03" | awk '/<00> -  /{print $1}'

will give you the workstation that fred is logged into. It should be
fairly simple to work that into a script that uses "smbclient -M" to
send a winpopup to the appropriate machine, if it's found.



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