Samba and IIS

Benn, Paul paul.benn at
Wed Nov 15 22:44:09 GMT 2000


You're going about it the wrong way. You need to use a UNC path rather than
a mapped drive letter. Have a look at this document I wrote last year; it
should get you going:


Paul Benn
Network Appliance

> I'm trying to make IIS serve documents from a Samba (v2.0) share. 
> I've mapped the share as Y:, (with the right credentials), I can browse
> the Y:.
> In MMC, the website is setup to serve documents from Y:. 
> Using IE or Netscape to access the site gives me access denied.  This
> is the same on NT 4 as well as Win 2000.  There are no clear messages in
> the logfiles.
> Any suggestions/tips in getting this to work are appreciated.
> -Suresh

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