Mike Brodbelt m.brodbelt at
Wed Nov 15 17:58:36 GMT 2000

"" wrote:
> I restarted the nmdb and smbd daemons and can see samba in network
> neighborhood on my NT 4.0 server,..but when I double click on it I get an
> error saying
> \\digitalconscious is not available

Hmm - that name is too long. Make sure it's 12 characters or less.
> I have samba running on redhat 6.2 and my other computer is NT 4.0
> server, the [global] section where it says workgroup = STUDIO54,..well
> that's my that correct?,...I read it was

No - the workgroup should be the name of your workgroup or domain. To
function as a domain member, you set the workgroup to your domain name,
security to domain, and STUDIO54 will be your password server.
> Winnt 4.0 when I go to server manager to add an account for my
> Linux box,..what name do I put?....whets the netbeui name of my Linux
> box, do I find that out,.......I just used the hostname of the Linux
> box

Samba uses the NetBIOS name, which is, by convention, the same as your
hostname. It doesn't have to be the same, but life is easier if it is...
After you've added the account from server manager, you'll need to join
the domain (smbpasswd -j DOM -r PDC).



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