Synchronization passwords between Unix & Samba

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Wed Nov 15 16:55:13 GMT 2000

yarond wrote:
> I installed Samba on HPUX with the options: --with-nis , --with-automount
> When a user login from the pc he gets his home-directory from the NIS db.
> But what will happened if the user will change his password at the Unix with yppasswd
> I will need to change his password in the - smbpasswd file at the Samber server.

	You probably want
	1) unencrypted passwords (but make sure you have a firewall!)
	2) "update encrypted = yes" while switching over to
		the Microsoft marketing department's preferance,
		which is to prevent you from having single-signon.

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