Synchronization passwords between Unix & Samba

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Wed Nov 15 15:14:04 GMT 2000

Yaron Daniel wrote:
> Is there already a reverse synchronization of the encrypted smbpasswd
> file when a standard Unix password is upadted by user.
> I got on the network NIS server running on Sun , and i would like to
> know how can i slove this problem.
> (does i need to install samba on the nis server also or is there a
> sulotion for the passwords.

	That's really a question for samba at (this is
	the documentation mailing-list)...

	However, if I understand the question, the answer 
	depoend on whether you can call yppasswd as root,
	specifying the user name, and get prompted for
	the new password.  If so, yp is happy and you're done.
	Otherwise you'll need to have the samba server on the 
	nis master.

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