mapping drive on HOME

Ries van Twisk ries at
Wed Nov 15 14:18:18 GMT 2000

> I'm new this sort of thing, so forgive me if my solution seems naive.
No Problem, we all started ones.

> Does the variable %H pull the profile home directory from the domain? 
> If so, then %H should contain the entire UNC.  Ergo, you could use
> "net use k: %H".
> Steve
You cannot use %H in a script file! %H is a samba isue, not a 
windows script isue. A startup script is actually a batch file with a 
number of commands. In you case 'net use k: %H' This simply will 
not wotk because %H will not be substituted. If you want to map 
drive K to a home directory of the user use:
Where \\server is the server that hold's the users profile name (most 
of the times the PDC. Homes is the name of the directory of the 
user. \\server\<homes> and \\server\<username> is the same dir.

'net use k: \\server\homes'

Hopefully this will clear thinks up.


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