Windows password expiration

BDCSA Inc. baitnet at
Wed Nov 15 11:39:29 GMT 2000

>> Derek wrote:
>> I dont know if this has been posted here before, but 
>> here goes, Is password expiration planned for a near 
>> future release of samba? or is it already implemented in 
>> a current version?
>I was thinking about this yesterday actually.  I know how 
>to do this in the code.  Is really easier to be honest.  
>The rewritten passdb API can support it.  Would need either
>a a full SAM style account backend (smbpasswd does not 
>have enough fields) or another smb.conf parameter like
>        max password age = <number of minutes>
>However, no production releases of Samba support 
>this currently.  I guess what I am is saying is, 
>"No, we don't do that now but can shortly."

Correct me if I am wrong but doesnt the unix system already 
have a password expiration mechanism built into its core ????

Can't you pull the neccessary info from there rather than
adding more fields into smbpassword file or smb.conf

I persoanlly feel that password expiration is a very
important and critical aspect of good password security.

David Endres.

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