problems with samba

Jason Osborne rage at
Tue Nov 14 23:47:50 GMT 2000

Hello, I've just installed samba and I have it up and working...well sort
of. Here is my problem and I'm not sure what is causing it.

I have a Linux box which is a gateway for my network running samba. A
windows 2000 pdc exists on the network along with a handful of Windows 2000
and Windows 98 client systems. They all login to samba after I take the
windows 2000 pdc off line. However, I am experiencing two problems. The
first is that when a user is loged in and then logs off and a second user
logs in the second user can see his/her home directory along with the first
user's home directory. how would i fix this.

Secondly, I am having problems with the computers seeing each other on the
network. I am getting errors when I try to access another user's shares. It
says that the computer is unavaible. But I can see it in network
neighborhood and can ping it. This is all occuring on the same subnet so I
know its not that. Any ideas?

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