samba digest, Vol 1 #189 - 15 msgs

Martin martin at
Tue Nov 14 18:34:50 GMT 2000

David Evans-Roberts wrote:

> Martin
> If you set up a share by editing smb.conf or using swat you can use Windows
> Explorer/ Network Neighbourhood to see if you can access the samba server.
> It is not clear exactly how you want to set up things up.  We are only doing
> file system sharing  and have the following set in smb.conf


It looks to me like even while using domain level security, you must 
have local accounts in order for someone to connect to resources on your 
box, using the username map where necessary. Is this true, and if so, 
how has the Samba team managed to miss that the whole point of domain 
authentication is to not have to maintain users on multiple machines?

If this in fact is the case, does anyone have any enhanced (READ: Low 
Maintenance) solutions for allowing my users to connect WITHOUT manually 
creating local users and mapping usernames?

Also, does all this stop working when I go to 2k, even if I support 
NT4-style clients? If it does work, are there any caveats I need to 
watch out for regardless? I know some of this is covered in FAQ, but it 
doesn't seem to be covered completely, so I'm asking regardless. If 
you're going to just tell me RTFM, and you can't restrain yourself, 
please reply privately to save list bandwidth.

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