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Ingmar Koecher ingmar.koecher at
Tue Nov 14 17:40:22 GMT 2000


unfortunately I am in Mexico right now and have no quick access to a samba
book. My system is a redhat 7 with pam configured and I don't understand a
couple of things.

How can I see if samba is actually using pam or not? When I had used the
.rpm from the redhat cd, there was a file called /etc/pam.d/samba . Now I
removed the redhat version and downloaded the latest tar and compiled it
(because smbpasswd did not change the unix pwd). Now the samba file in this
directory does not exist anymore. I assume this means samba is not using
pam? This would contradict the information I read that says that samba will
automatically detect if pam is installed or not.

Now my question, I installed the module (but didn't activate
it yet) and I seem to lack some general understanding. Is Samba using my
linux logins from the /etc/passwd file when samba utilizes pam? If it
doesn't, what would pam integration be good for? Does the pam module
synchronize the passwd's automatically when the user changes it's password?
And why would I have to add the module to the login file as
"required" ?

A lot of questions, some light would be appreciated!

Thank you,

Ingmar Koecher.
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