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Gerald Carter gcarter at
Tue Nov 14 14:51:17 GMT 2000

Ville Herva wrote:
> Have you idea whether that really affects the performance? 
> I've seen SMB (NetBios on TCP) have problems on 
> non-standard environments. For example, when I run smb 
> over ssh port forwarding, the perfomance drops to one
> fourth of the bandwidth, while other protocols (ftp, 
> http) have no problem. Also SMB does not exactly seem to 
> be the fastest protocol on Earth on 100Mbit ethernet 
> media either ... ;).
> Perhaps dropping the NetBios on TCP legacy could 
> remedy some of this?

I have never seen any benchmarks on performance for this.

> > loose the virtual server functionality in
> > Samba with netbios-less CIFS as there is no called name
> > in the TCP session request. :-(
> Perhaps that's worth it if we get somewhat better 
> performance and can forget about all this
> wins/broadcast/nameresolution stuff.

Few people I know of can ditch netbios anytime soon
as they all still have some non-win2k clients/servers

Cheers, jerry
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