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Mon Nov 13 23:32:07 GMT 2000

Joe_Pfaltzgraff at wrote:
> I am getting a lot of the following errors in my smbd log 
> file.  Can anyone tell me what causes them and their 
> importance?
> [2000/11/10 08:03:33, 0] 
> 	rpc_server/srv_lsa_hnd.c:open_lsa_policy_hnd(107)
>   ERROR: out of Policy Handles!


	#define MAX_OPEN_POLS 64

Without being able to open other policy handles, things like
SID<->username mapping will fail.  You can up the number of max
handles and recompile. 

WHat version of Samba are running?  Samba 2.0 is not that 
great as a PDC though.  I'm going to guess that this is 
associated with some application you are running that queries
the Samba DC for account information a lot.

Can you provide some more information in case this is 
a leak somewhere?

Cheers, jerry
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